Worthing Mackerel A5 screen print - Inspired
We Are Mountain

Worthing Mackerel A5 screen print

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Worthing Mackerel Tin original print by Sophie Mutter.

This is a three layer screen print using hand cut paper stencils.

This image came about when I was commissioned by the Worthing Emergency Food Depot as a thank you to their army of volunteers who worked so hard during the Covid-19 lockdown. Amongst donations to the food bank, they had a massive influx of tinned fish, which became a standing joke within the team!

The sardine tin is a pretty iconic image, I love the colours and illustrations you get on them...we decided on Mackerel for this design as they are the most common fish to be caught here... the local football team, Worthing FC, are even known as 'The Mackerel Men'!

This open edition print is signed by the artist and is printed on high quality paper. Due to the nature of screen printing, and the fact that they are printed in very small batches, prints may differ slightly from the photograph.

Size - A5